Experience Your Future, with Coventry University

Coventry University EYF
Coventry University has been running online events throughout the 2020 pandemic. But with digital fatigue setting in, they wanted to take a different approach to applicant visit days. To stand out from their peers, they turned to SMILE.

Changing the way we design with evolving software

We Are SMILE Mockup

Over the years, the design team at SMILE have used multiple design programmes in a bid to deliver the highest quality output for our clients. When I began at SMILE in 2017, we briefly used Figma for design work but…

A new

A image showing the Morley College website
We've been working with Morley College and Hunterlodge Advertising to launch a brand new! We're excited to show you all this new project that we've been working on.

How to navigate your brand while transitioning from print to web

How to make a brand style guide
In the past, when creating a brand, the primary focus has been on print and ensuring that colours and type are catered more towards the print market. As we move further into the 21st century and into a new decade, a brand's online presence and the way they market themselves online is becoming more and more of a primary focus. In this article, we evaluate how to navigate the transition from print to web.