10 SEO Tips for writing website content

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These are our 10 top SEO Tips for writing website content. Search Engines like good content. So don't let these take over your writing. A lot of these tips are simply good writing pointers in general. Google is clever enough to see past the old loopholes and rewards good citizens.

Virtual Open Days

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With COVID-19 forcing the majority of the world into quarantine and lockdown, the education sector has been left unable to carry out their scheduled events. Open Days are just one example of those affected events.

What is Sketch and why your digital designers should be using it

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I am a marketing communications consultant (Thread & Fable) who works with companies like SMILE on digital projects. In this article, I run through why marketers should pay attention to what systems their tech team are using and why it can make a difference to the project process and ultimately the cost.

User insight driving design choices

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Since 2014 SMILE have been working with the University of Birmingham, a Russell Group institution, on delivering their online event platform. The platform’s longevity is a testament to its success. In its first iteration, the platform began life as a…

Generating an authentic experience for online events

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“Being authentic” is perhaps the most overused phrase you’ll hear when engaging students online through digital open days, chat-bots and other online experiences. But you can really get to the heart of decision-making moments if you can leverage the right conversation, so working out what authenticity looks like for you will help you go in the right direction. This article aims to uncover some of the key considerations when engaging youth audiences online.

An overhaul for Newman University

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To rebrand the university, replace the hosting infrastructure, CMS and design of the Newman University flagship website, including the design of a course database system as well as overhaul and replace the current intranet system with a bespoke offering from…