The era of flexible work in Higher Education

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Boston University and Virginia Tech have been compared in a thought-piece about remote work. There’s nothing particularly new here - Boston thinks employees being in three days a week creates a great culture, whereas Virginia Tech sounds more like a place I’d like to work.

How TikTok is taking over the education sector

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More people visited TikTok in 2021 than Google. Let’s pause for a moment and consider 1) why this could be the case and 2) what this means for your marketing. Firstly, TikTok not only entertains but (like Google) provides answers.

Vanderbilt University and its strong sense of identity

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Rather than an about page, Vanderbilt leads with “This is Vanderbilt,” a concise pitch for the university’s campus community and its students. Vanderbilt offers a powerful example of a university nailing its colours to the mast i.e. having a strong sense of purpose and a clear picture of the type of student it wants to attract.

How tells a story with their new hero video

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This time, we're joined by Jane Oswald (Head of Marketing) from University of Sunderland to discuss our top stories: US unis doubling marketing spend; University of Sunderland making students the star of its story in a new hero video; And the renaissance for print publications at universities.

SEO advice from Amy Cousins (Newcastle University)

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Amy Cousins from Newcastle University joins us to talk about the blog that she manages and dives into her SEO specialism. We also talk about a COVID vaccination campaign from Slippery Rock University and yet more frightening Facebook tales.