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Over the years, the design team at SMILE have used multiple design programmes in a bid to deliver the highest quality output for our clients. When I began at SMILE in 2017, we briefly used Figma for design work but…

How does the cost of virtual events stack up against real-world events?

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Universities have long made use of online events in some form. But a scramble to replace real-world events has seen a spike in new institutions jumping on board. Was this only a response to COVID-19 or should we expect to see virtual events stick around? Will they become a more permanent feature? Will universities see the benefit as a long-term addition to their recruitment activities? We examine one of the reasons why online events offer a long-term addition - cost.

What is graduation going to look like in 2020?

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As social distancing in the UK continues, there are pressing questions about certain parts of University life. One of those being graduation. We here at SMILE, gathered on a Zoom call to discuss the current situation and what institutes can do as an alternative and if we can help with that.

Identifying Site and Menu Architecture Using GatherContent

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At SMILE, we use GatherContent to manage our own website's copy and media content. We have learned that the ability to easily arrange and view our content in this way has highlighted how this system can be further used as a powerful tool to identify or improve site map and menu architecture. Here, we share some of our key learnings.

Online vs Real World Open Days

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COVID-19 has left universities with no option but to turn to virtual events as a replacement for their real-world events. But they’re not a like-for-like replacement. This post looks at some of the key considerations for those looking to run virtual events.

10 SEO Tips for writing website content

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These are our 10 top SEO Tips for writing website content. Search Engines like good content. So don't let these take over your writing. A lot of these tips are simply good writing pointers in general. Google is clever enough to see past the old loopholes and rewards good citizens.